IHA Community

A vibrant community made up of social entrepreneurs, businesses, freelancers, creatives, makers, and engineers. We pride ourselves as a Hub with the highest local presence and engagement in Ghana.

Here are some businesses in our community.

Practical Education Network

Practical Education Network (PEN) equips Ghanaian STEM teachers to facilitate inquiry-based learning. PEN hosts trainings for science and maths teachers to learn to teach with hands-on activities. The activities complement the national curriculum and are made from locally-available materials.

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Growth Mosaic

Growth Mosaic is a social-purpose business preparing African businesses to access and manage growth investment.

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Digital Wis

Digital Wis is a specialist recruitment agency based in London UK, solely focused online advertising and marketing.

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Kawa moka

Kawa is an Arabic word that literally translates into "wine of the bean" that is, coffee. Moka is the name of a seaport city in Yemen, which was originally the starting point of distribution of coffee to and all over Europe. Moka is also the famed chocolate aftertaste of Arabian Mocha (or Moka), which caused an enthusiast to use the same name for the traditional mixture of hot chocolate and coffee. Together, our name Kawa Moka tells the story of our love for Coffee and Chololocate!

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Team Black Image Studios

Team Black Image Studios is a Digital Creative Studio passionate about creating super creative bespoke visuals for brands and individual bodies, we basically call ourselves storytellers, telling stories through mediums like Photography, Cinematography, Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design & Social Media Communications.

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We are a group of passionate people who like to be busy for you, so you can focus on the things that are more important to you: your core business, your family. Or maybe you want to develop a new hobby, read that book, learn a new language, cook a delicious meal...Our team of dedicated "taskers" are standing by to make your life a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.

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ChalkBoard Education

Chalkboard Education offers plug-and-play mobile learning solutions to universities and nonaprofits that work on any device and without an Internet connection.

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TKG is an international social impact advisory firm that works with international agencies, government organizations, non- governmental agencies and commerce clients in Europe and America to develop sustainable solutions that will positively impact and transform lives. With offices located in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and the USA, our areas of expertise span Capacity Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Analysis, strategy and operations and ICT and Innovations.

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Iszy Hands

We ease organizational pain points by assisting with alternate business solutions which accelerate clients productivity. Services include HR solutions, facility management and procurement. Contact us on phone, 0307038383 or 055000156 or via email at ishlghana@gmail.com


Crowdfrica, an online crowdfunding platform which allows you to donate directly to fund health insurance, medical procedures, medical equipment, and school supplies throughout the Africa.

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Frame 14 Studio

Frame 14 studio is an animation and graphic design firm. Founded in 2014 by Stephanie Appiah, Winfred Adom and Agnes Allotey. Our aim is to be one of the best animation studios in Africa.

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Simple || Relevant || Insights
Kananan provides compelling insights for businesses to tailor services and products for the consumer. Contact details: Email:info@kananan.com.gh Phone:+233-2715709 / 261349119

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